What is a legacy mural?

What a legacy mural is, why it is special, and why it is something every “hometown” should have! 

The purpose of the legacy mural is to capture the essence of an individual community through commemoration of its “hometown heroes”, or the people who have been, currently are, and will be influential in shaping the community where they live or the world at large.

The legacy mural is a continuously growing visual archive.  Show-casing a mural such as this, individual communities are creating a visual time capsule of the past for the present and future generations.

The legacy mural concept is to show special care by filling the spaces on the mural with the stories we already know, however, it is also designed to leave space to incorporate the stories and images of the leaders and influential individuals of tomorrow.

 It would be ideal for each community to have their own legacy mural, as many, if not all our communities have had many leaders and influential individuals hail from our great cities.  The legacy mural challenge is designed to do just that.  Every community/high school/university/city/county/state is challenged to find artists to collaborate with us to create a legacy mural of their own for their community.  More details on how to participate in the legacy mural challenge can be found under the Challenge Tab.

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