The legacy mural CHALLENGE

Concept:  To give every community (high school, college, university, town, state, etc) the opportunity to compete with other communities via a mural that honors each communities legends.

The legacy mural challenge is designed to have many aspects.       

A. It should prompt:

  1. Inner challenge: causing individuals to evaluate themselves and decide if they need to rededicate themselves to living a life worthy of tribute.
  2. Research: Each school, university, city, state, to research and self-acknowledge its local heroes, legends, leaders, and influential individuals who had a major impact on their community or our society, famous or perhaps infamous.

B. It should challenge:

  1. Communities: High school, college, and university rivals to respond in kind, a way of saying; Look who is from our neck of the woods! What a great addition to any high school homecoming or hallmark anniversary. Hey Michigan, who are your legend’s?   Ohio St? How about You?
  2. The artists: A gifted artist can create a name for themselves that could lead to more work or a career.
  3. The research: No community (High school, college, university, city, town) wants to be outdone by another by forgetting or not discovering local heroes, legends, leaders, influential or famous individuals that come from their community.
  4. Competition: Sometimes competition is good! Set the bar! Throw down the gauntlet!

C.  It should Convey:

  1. Information:  To insiders and outsiders about your area’s roots. Out of towners could arrive at incoming points such as Airports, Bus Stations, Train Station’s to be amazed, surprised, and informed about a communities legends.

Posting and Photography- Very Important!!! To be seen is to be acknowledged- To be known is to be connected-To be connected is to be understood-and we all want to be understood.

Ever-growing, never-ending. The blank spaces on the mural leaves room for the future, for the youth of today to aspire to and to fill in. (the silhouette of the child and family is important to impart this) Room to Dream..Motivate!!!!

One Website! Every mural in one place so everyone and anyone can enjoy them, compare them, and see that in the end; Humanity is the winner. Eventually, the legacy mural’s will be a source for seeing where our celebrities, heroes, and leaders have come from.

Eventually, the legacy mural’s will all be posted and there will be points awarded. Stay tuned for more details.

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