Start a legacy mural

Why a legacy mural for Your Community?

Anyone can draw, paint, or project an image of someone who was influential that happens to come from, or made a name for themselves in your community; so why a legacy mural?  A legacy mural is a trade marked design that is specifically directed to get communities involved in identifying and recognizing influential individuals from each and every community. Using the artist coordinator/designer and the trademark “legacy mural” gives a community the design that says this mural is for the past, present and future.

All legacy murals will be placed on this Website, along with bio’s of artist and the influential individuals on the murals.  The fees that are associated with your project for the use of the trademark and artist coordinator/designer also cover the posting of photos and bio’s.

Direct contract with the artist coordinator/designer (Jeremiah Neal) will provide you with all the “how-to’s”. 

Fund a legacy mural of Your Community

There are many ways to fund your legacy mural challenge project.  A council or a board may help in making the decisions regarding funding of the project and how to select the subjects that will be used for the mural.

A fun and lucrative way of getting additional support and funding is by getting the community involved. Place an ad in the local newpaper, have a voting fundraisers, sell tickets for votes, the possibilities are endless. After all this is for the whole community.  Don’t forget that there are many not-for profit organizations and even corporations that love to donate, so ASK!

Pricing for the legacy mural includes the rights to use the legacy mural design and trademark, pictures of the murals as a whole, pictures and mini bio’s of the individuals who are on the legacy mural, mini bio’s of any and all artists, all posted on the website so the challenge can be issued to your rivals. Pricing varies depending on the size of the mural and number of individuals placed on them mural.

Preparation for the Mural Project

Some basic questions should be addressed and some basic information gathered; Would you like the mural to be portable, or permanent? How large is your space? Do you have a general funding plan? Do you want use high school students as artists or professional artists?  (The advantage of  high school student artists is an ever changing artist base.) You may even want to think about including a donation to a local charity or homeless shelter, because giving back to the community is always a good choice.

Jeremiah can advise on all intricacies of the project. So, brainstorming (thought you may already have some great ideas!) does NOT need to be completed prior to connecting with the artists. He can help you with design, content selection, and flow of the project so that the direction of the art can be delegated to volunteers appropriately.