Start a legacy mural

Start a Legacy Mural for Your Community

 Direct contract of the artist coordinator (Jeremiah Neal) will provide you with all the “how-to’s”, project management, and if required, physical assistance in overseeing the project itself. To maximize impact of the project space, location, and research consideration must be completed to have a “complete” mural.


Fund a Legacy Mural of Your Community

 There are many ways to fund the project and the artists project management fees.  Some find that it is best to include a council, or a board to make the decisions regarding funding of the project and how to select the subjects that will be used for the mural. Also, you may find that involving the community with some of those decisions (such as with voting) can be a fun and lucrative way of getting additional support and funding.


Preparation:  Ensuring Maximum Productivity for the Mural Project

 One should ask themselves the basics : Would you like the mural portable, or would it be permanent? How large is your space? Do you have the initial funding to pay for the Artist’s project management fees? (Often times, supplies and other costs are covered during the fundraising/“work-in-progress” phase of the project, so you can start planning prior to raising 100% of the funds needed- corporate sponsorship is a great way to start the project).


Once the Artist  is commissioned to help coordinate the mural project, what comes next?

 Jeremiah can advise on all intricacies of the project. So, brainstorming (thought you may already have some great ideas!) does NOT need to be completed prior to connecting with the artists. He can help you with design, content selection, and flow of the project so that the direction of the art can be delegated to volunteers appropriately.

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